Employer Information

At Training Futures we specialise in working with employers with less than 1000 employees. In this way, we understand the needs of such businesses and can focus our training accordingly.

Apprenticeships are an opportunity for employees of all ages to develop their skills and benefit your business.

Administering training is always dealt with by our managers – so we do not put extra pressure on you or your managers. Our courses are fully dealt with on site, so your employees do not have to be out of the workplace, and training can be arranged at times to suit you.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the ways that apprenticeships can help your business:

Better productivity – from a skilled and well trained workforce.

Motivated staff – who work harder for your business and are easier to retain and recruit.

Relevant Training – courses are designed by those in your industry.

No skills shortages – you can train your staff in relevant skills, and retain them.

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