“ ... saw the potential of our existing workforce and enhanced their skills tenfold. This in turn has increased productivity ...”

Our story

We’ve come a long way since 2007 when Emma Proctor first had the idea of setting up Training Futures. It all started when Emma saw that large training companies were losing sight of the whole aim of their existence – to train individuals in order to enhance their potential and improve their lives, whilst at the same time helping to improve their abilities and productivity for employers.

These days we have a thriving business across three centres in the North and Midlands. We are large enough to ensure that we have expertise in all of the areas in which we deliver, but small enough to ensure that our original ethos of treating all learners as individuals and all employers as vital customers is not lost.

Training Futures (UK) Ltd Venture One Business Park, 22 Longacre Close, Sheffield, S20 3FR