Customer Service levels 2 and 3

Qualification Overview.

The aim of this qualification is to contribute to the skills, knowledge and overall performance of the industry’s workforce in a wide variety of organisations. It provides an insight into the principles and processes of the delivery of customer service and will aid career progression.

Who is the qualification aimed at?

This qualification is perfect for you if you work in one of the following roles:

Customer Adviser

Contact Centre Operator

Customer Service Adviser/Representative 

Hotel Receptionist


What is involved in the qualification?

If this qualification is taken part of an Apprenticeship, it will also include:

Certificate in Customer Service

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

Functional skills in maths and English

What support will I receive?

You will be allocated an Assessor, who is occupationally competent and qualified to assess you within the workplace. Your Assessor will guide you through your qualification and ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and understanding to achieve your award. Your Assessor will also advise you on progression routes available to you and possible opportunities to enhance your career in your chosen sector.

How long will it take to achieve my qualifications?

Apprenticeship programmes last for a minimum of 12 months. This ensures that all candidates receive an exceptional learning experience with in depth Assessor input. Diploma only qualifications usually take approximately 6 months to achieve.

How much will it cost?

Most candidates are eligible for Government funding. There are some guidelines for Diploma only funding which will be explained to you by the Enrolment Officer. In the unusual circumstances of being ineligible for Government funding, the Diploma can be paid for by either the candidate or their Employer. Costs can be discussed upon request. 

What will be expected of me?

Candidates are asked to sign a Learning Agreement which sets out the required commitment needed to achieve their award. It is important that candidates explain any additional support needs or circumstances which may affect their learning or qualification in order for support to be put in place. We want you to achieve your qualification and your Assessor will assist you to do this in a way which is individual to your needs. We request that candidates attend regular, pre-planned appointments with their Assessor and complete any written work or projects set. Where candidates do not wish to complete written evidence, the use of recorded evidence in the form of questioning and discussions will be implemented. You will be required to build a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your competence and ability in your role. This evidence will be produced by observations of your working practices, written evidence, recorded questioning and discussions and projects. Training Futures (UK) Limited also expect all candidates to work in a way which promotes a safe, healthy and secure working environment. 


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